Organic Lemon Tonic

Less is still more. In fact, there is no better way to describe the new recipe for our organic lemon tonic water. This is because only two basic natural organic ingredients that are Mediterranean citrus fruit rounded off with Bolivian cinchona bark collected in the wild and their clear aromatic notes shape the flavour of this vivid and organic lemon tonic water. The mildly acidic tang of lemons and limes are carefully underlaid with the charac- teristic and natural bitterness of cinchona bark. Combined with its spar- kling effervescence, this lemon tonic water makes the perfect companion for any party.

Our organic lemon tonic water is 100% natural with no added citric acid. We have reduced the sugar content and produced and bottled it to be carbon-neutral. In creating our organic lemon tonic water, we have placed special emphasis on finding and selecting the very best cinchona bark. This we found in the jungle on the eastern slopes of the high planes of the Andes. Supported by the local population, two agricultural scientists from the vicinity made their way to the jungle on foot to find suitable trees and gently harvest the bark by hand. A process that takes several weeks. But one that supports the reforestation and preservation of the jungle in a sustainable manner.

Best enjoyed pure as the tradition demands or with vodka over ice.