Organic Ginger Beer

An organic ginger beer, with a pleasantly defined aroma and depth and a naturally balanced sharpness. Extremely intense and delicate ginger from the Peruvian highlands gives this organic ginger beer its intense and dis- tinctive note. The taste is rounded off with just lemon oil and juice won from highly aromatic and fruity, organic Mediterranean lemons. This duo of lemon and ginger, and highly effervescent carbon dioxide, transform this organic ginger beer into a real and natural pick-me-up.

Gentle and direct processing of the ginger in our own cold presses means that we can dispense with adding chili or pepper to spice up the taste. The procedure we have developed in-house allows us to create a trio of gin- ger juice, ginger purée and ginger root extract to bring out the secondary flavours of the ginger to the best effect. In doing so, we have succeeded in creating an intense ginger beer by mixing just two natural ingredients, organic ginger and organic lemon; while reducing the sugar content at the same time. Vegan and 100% organic. Produced and bottled to be cli- mate-neutral.

Best enjoyed in a Moscow mule or pure over ice.