Good Monaco stands for the responsibility that we at Aqua Monaco take for our immediate environment, our products and our planet. A responsibility that we take pleasure in adopting as a contemporary brand. We want to give something back to the community, facilitate creativity and diversity and work for the protection of the natural world.

Good Monaco is a platform which unites initiatives, projects, collaborations and advancements that give expression to our social, cultural and environmental commitment:


Water is a giver of life. With our mineral water, we want to help improve the quality of life of people living in Munich and beyond. This is why we support social, cultural and ecological projects with every single bottle of Aqua Monaco mineral water we sell. We want to set a clear example for democracy, a diverse society worth living in, equal opportunities and a careful approach to the environment. We also want to inspire the food service industry, the retail trade and other businesses to become part of the “Good Monaco” initiative and contribute to it.

Social Projects

Combating poverty lies particularly close to our hearts. Children, single parents and senior citizens are the people most affected by poverty. Over 10% of children and senior citizens in Munich live below the poverty line. This number must decrease, which is why we support social institutions that pursue exactly this goal.


“Lichtblick Hasenbergl”

In December 2018, we were able to donate €2,000 to “Lichtblick Hasenbergl”.
The mission of “Lichtblick Hasenbergl” is to deliver sustainable improvements to the living conditions and life chances of children, adolescents and young adults who grow up in disadvantaged surroundings.
200 children and young persons between the ages of 1 and 25 are currently being cared for and receive support from “Lichtblick”. Children between the ages of 3 and 16 receive intensive social training in therapy groups. In their last year of schooling, a relationship is established with the counselling and support staff in parallel to job training (17-25 years). Here, the continuous and personal support up to the point of secure entry into employment takes place.


Cultural Projects

Often, little space and money is available for experimental and innovative projects. However, these are especially important for a broad cultural landscape. They make cities colourful and exciting and place special emphasis on particular aspects of city life. Also, the chance to take part in the cultural life of a city is anything but a matter of course for many people. This is why we provide financial, conceptual and material support to organisations and initiatives that promote cultural diversity, experimental expression beyond the mainstream and access to cultural life for everyone.


“Kulturraum München”

In December 2018, we were able to donate €2.000 to “Kulturraum München”.
The charitable society, “KulturRaum München e.V”, has existed since 2011. The work of the society is essentially carried out by volunteers. The society’s core mission is to provide free tickets to a variety of cultural events to people on low incomes. In addition, the society is also involved in various projects to promote cultural participation in Munich.
In December 2018, we were able to support the “Zwei Krawatten” charity evening event at the Munich Kammerspiele. The event included performances by the Jewish Chamber Orchestra, the Destiny Combo, the Munich Pub Choir and actors and singers including Kathrin Anna Stahl, Brigitte Bayer and Stefan Murr, as well as Maxi Pongratz from the band ‘Kofelgschroa’.


Green Projects

Climate change is one of the greatest environmental challenges of the present. We want to help master this challenge with our carbon neutrality. We also do even more though, because we are convinced that active protection of the environmental is an important key to a better quality and enjoyment of life. We only use green electricity and have completely dispensed with using plastic bottles in our production. Furthermore we provide financial support to projects that promote a healthy ecosystem and preserve natural environments.


Mountain Forest Project

In December 2018, we were able to donate €1,000 to the Mountain Forest Project.
The establishment of mixed mountain forests using cluster afforestation in forest clearings caused by storm and bark beetles, or as pre-cultivation, is one of the main activities of the Mountain Forest Project. The sum of €1,000 secures the planting and subsequent supply of 200 domestic trees (fir, larch, beech, Swiss pine and hawthorn). This will help reforest the old and neglected mountain forest in Bayerischzell on Lake Schliersee. The mountain forest is essential for preserving our ecosystem, because it serves to protect plants, animals and water, and protects against soil erosion and avalanches.



Climate change represents one of mankind’s greatest challenges. A global consensus now exists that we urgently need to limit the temperature increase caused by man. Aqua Monaco is aware of its special responsibility towards future generations as a company and has acted accordingly. Our company is one of the first in the beverage industry to voluntarily offset its emissions under the Kyoto Protocol. After measuring our carbon footprint, CO2 emissions at Aqua Monaco are initially being reduced through measures including the use of green electricity. Following this, remaining emissions will be offset by purchasing UN certificates. In this relation, we have decided in favour of a Gold Standard climate protection project in India. This project will facilitate the operation of a 20 MW biomass power plant fuelled by rice husks that occur at harvest time. The main intention here is to benefit the surrounding population with power, for whom electricity is in no way a matter of course.


Since 2015, every new beverage developed by Aqua Monaco has been certified organic. Since late 2018 a complete organic mixer range is available. We use official organic seals to ensure that the produce we use in our organic drinks comes from organic farming sources. Amongst other things, this ensures that our products:

→ Are not produced by and with genetically modified organisms
→ Are not produced using synthetic pesticides
→ Are not produced with the help of easily soluble mineral fertilisers
→ Do not contain sweeteners, stabilisers and synthetic dyes,
→ Do not contain preservatives and flavour enhancers
→ Are not exposed to conserving ionising radiation


Aqua Monaco has been certified vegan by the Vegan Society. This British organisation was founded in 1944 and is considered a pioneer in its field. Certification ensures that our products are free of animal substances and that animal experiments and animal production processes are also dispensed with throughout the entire supply chain.