Aqua Monaco Blue 0.75 Gastronomy Bottle

Aqua Monaco Blue is our sparkling water. It is especially pure with a balanced mineral composition and, thanks to its ideal level of carbonation, it has a refreshing flavour. Aqua Monaco mineral water comes from deep beneath the glacial plains around Munich, whose rock layers protect it against human influence. It is low in sodium, with extra-low nitrate levels.

Aqua Monaco Blue looks understated elegant in large bottles. In a minimalist design, the decanter reflects the purity of the water. On a decoratively laid table, it holds its own whilst looking discreet.

Available as 12 × 0.75 l glass bottles

Analysis summary (in mg/l):
Sodium: 6.4 Potassium: 1.1
Magnesium: 24.0 Calcium: 69.0
Fluoride: 0.09 Chloride: 3.2
Sulphate: 7.1 Nitrate: 0.18
Hydrogencarbonate: 335.0
Analysis by Romeis test lab, Bad Kissingen (Germany), from 23.06.1992.
Confirmed by ongoing tests.




Water is a giver of life. With our mineral water, we want to help improve the quality of life of people living in Munich and beyond. This is why we support social, cultural and ecological projects with every single bottle of Aqua Monaco mineral water we sell.

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